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Demand Response

Get $100 by helping Valley REC save money on high demand costs!

Electricity costs significantly more during periods of high demand, when many consumers are using a lot of it. As a member of Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, you can help the co-op (and ultimately yourself) save money by taking part in our demand response program. If you have an electric storage or heat pump water heater, volunteer to have a demand response unit (DRU) installed for free by one of our technicians. As a bonus for your efforts, you will receive a one-time $100 bill credit.

Photo of a demand response unitDuring high demand periods, a signal is sent to DRUs to temporarily shut off power to water heaters in members’ homes. Collectively, this reduces the amount of electricity needed during these periods of peak demand. Since the cost of electricity is highest during these peaks, this reduction in purchased power can mean substantial savings for Valley REC. These savings are passed along to you in the form of fewer and lower rate increases.

Keeping your water heater off during peak periods could save the cooperative up to $137 per year in demand costs. With about 5,500 DRUs deployed, the co-op has the potential to save up to about $750,000 annually. As more members participate in the program, the savings increase.

For more information, visit the Demand Response Details page or download those details as the one-page Demand Response Info Sheet (PDF, 358 KB). If you still have questions, contact our member services department.

Are you willing to help? Call us at 814-643-2650 or toll-free at 800-432-0680 to schedule an appointment for the installation of a DRU.

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