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Members receiving packages of free lightbulbs

Valley Rural Electric Cooperative members started receiving packages of lightbulbs this week in their mailboxes. Part of an energy efficiency initiative launched by the 14 electric cooperatives in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Allegheny Electric Cooperative, the co-ops' wholesale electricity supplier, the free bulbs should save members about $5.50 a year per bulb* (when used three hours a day).

Package of 4 free LED bulbs compliments of Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. To save that money, you need to install your bulbs RIGHT NOW. Replace the four 60-watt incandescent bulbs that you use the most in your home with these four bulbs to maximize your savings.

Inside each green and white box, similar to the one pictured here, are four Energy Star®-certified, 9-watt (60-watt-equivalent) soft white (2700 Kelvin) light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs. These bulbs are compliments of Valley REC and could save you up to $500 in energy costs over the lifetime of the bulbs* (about 23 years when used an average of three hours a day).

You might think it is wise to save the bulbs until your current bulbs burn out, heeding the adage "Waste not, want not." However, you would be wasting money by storing these LED bulbs for later use. Instead, install these LED bulbs now and store or discard the old incandescent bulbs. Your prompt change-out will save you money immediately and will help lower Valley's power supply needs, reducing energy costs for everyone.

If you have already switched all of the lightbulbs in your home to LED bulbs, we thank you for your initiative and efforts. What then should you do with these free bulbs? You could save them for spares. Better yet, give them to friends or family who have not made the switch and could use some extra LED bulbs. The more LED bulbs that are being used, the less electricity the co-op has to purchase which saves all members money.

Refer to the May 2018 issue of Penn Lines magazine for an in-depth article about these free LED lightbulbs.

Please note that the Penn Lines link will open the website Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association (PREA) in a new browser window or tab. Valley Rural Electric Cooperative is not responsible for the content of PREA's site.

*Calculations of savings using Valley's residential rate of 9.95 cents per kWh (as of July 2018)

  • 800-lumen incandescent bulb
    60 Watts X 3 hours/day = 0.180 kWh (kilowatt hours) per day
    0.180 kWh/day X $0.0995/kwh X 365 days = $6.54 a year
  • 800-lumen LED bulb
    9 Watts X 3 hours/day = 0.027 kWh (kilowatt hours) per day
    0.027 kWh/day X $0.0995/kWh X 365 days = $0.98 a year
  • $6.54 - $0.98 = $5.56 yearly savings per LED bulb
  • $5.56 X 4 bulbs X 23 years = $511.52 savings for four bulbs during their lifetime of 23 years
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