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Programs & Services

Energy Conservation, Products, and Community Service

Listed below are some of the programs and services available through Valley REC. For more information on these and other programs and services, please contact the Member Services Department, or send an e-mail to Member Services.

Valley REC Energy Services, offered by Valley Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.Valley REC Energy Services
Valley REC offers a suite of electrical products and services such as water heaters, generators, transfer switches, and on-staff electricians to help its members better manage their energy needs.
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
A system of new automated meters now sends meter readings over the power lines to the cooperative’s computer system.
CFL Disposal
A green CFL bulb Co-op consumers as well as members of the general public may bring their spent compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) to any Valley REC office, and co-op personnel will ensure that the bulbs are properly disposed of (compact spirals only, please). CFLs contain a very small amount of mercury sealed within the glass tubing – an average of 5 milligrams (roughly equivalent to the tip of a ballpoint pen). Like paint, batteries, thermostats, and other hazardous household items, CFLs should be disposed of properly. Do not throw CFLs away in your household garbage if better disposal options exist. Energy Star-qualified CFLs have a two-year warranty. If the bulb fails within that period, return it to your retailer.
Community Service Grant Program
Community Service Grant Program logo - stronger together Valley REC makes grants available in three categories: energy assistance, civic and community programs, and education. Grants of $500 to $1,000 are available. The program offers funds to members experiencing financial hardship, to service organizations such as fire and ambulance companies, and to educators who need support materials to teach blocks of instruction related to electricity or the cooperative business model. Visit the Community Service Grant Program page for more information and applications.
Co-op Connections Program
This discount card program benefits cooperative members by offering valuable discounts from participating local and national businesses.
Demand Response (Energy Management)
This is a coordinated, state-wide system that reduces energy use during peak demand periods, cutting wholesale power costs for the cooperative. For more information about how you can help reduce demand, read this one page article at the link below.

Educational Programs
Valley offers presentations about electrical safety, energy conservation, and environmental issues.
Home Energy Audits
Valley REC offers evaluations of household energy use and potential energy loss with suggestions for improving the energy efficiency of your household.
Members Helping Members
This voluntary, consumer-funded program is designed to provide financial assistance to Valley REC consumers unable to pay their electric bills due to economic hardship. Visit the Members Helping Members page for more information and applications.
Manual transfer switches for backup generators are available at cost to cooperative members.
Jar labeled College Fund filled with moneyValley REC offers the Brighter Future Scholarship Program to both high school students and high school graduates pursuing accredited post-secondary education. The Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association offers two different scholarship programs. Visit the Scholarships page for more information and applications.
Smart Strip Surge Protectors

The cooperative sells high-quality "smart" surge protectors to its members at a cost of $39 plus tax for homes or businesses. These devices can protect sensitive electronic equipment and appliances from power surges and spikes. The Smart Strips can also reduce standby energy loss, the electricity that electronics and appliances continue to draw even when they are in sleep mode or powered off.

Smart Strip surge protectorYou may purchase the devices at any of Valley's offices. You may also mail order the Smart Strips (with shipping costs added to the final total). For more information, review the brochure available at the link below.

Water Heater Rebates and Sales

A rebate of $2 per gallon (for tanks from 40 to 79 gallons) or $3 per gallon (for tanks that hold 80 gallons or more) is available to members who purchase a new electric water heater. The tank's energy factor must be 0.9 or higher, and the member must agree to participate in demand response.

Members can purchase at cost from the co-op Marathon® electric storage water heaters made by Rheem®. Available sizes range from 15 gallons to 105 gallons. Members who purchase units 40 gallons or larger and agree to participate in the co-op's demand response program qualify for the co-op's rebate program.

For more details, visit the Water Heater Rebates and Sales page.

Youth Tour
This competitive program is designed to educate high school students about rural electric cooperatives and cooperative business principles while visiting Washington, DC. For more information about this exciting and informative opportunity, visit the Youth Tour page.
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